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Osaka is the second largest city in Japan.

As you might know, there is different states of food from each prefectures of Japan. For example, Kantou Area like Tokyo, all food of flavor is stronger than Kansai Area like Osaka, use soy source a lot. On the other hand, Kansai people prefer the flavor Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp to salty. This is the reason, a long time ago, there was a big seaweed industry in mainly Osaka area.

You will enjoy the taste different of each food if you have already traveled other prefectures.


Famous Osaka food


*Takoyaki is made from flour, eggs and put octopus inside, and put special source, mayo, green flavor and bonito on the topping. For sure, each family has at least one Takoyaki machine because Osaka people love to have a Takoyaki party in the house. We can put anything we like inside of Takoyaki, for example, Kimuchi, ginger, cheese, green onions, etc…



Famous Osaka food

*Okonomiyaki is taste similar with Takoyaki, but different style of cook. It is based on Cabbage and cook like a pancake. In Hiroshima, there are noodle on topping.


Famous Osaka food

– Kushikatsu

*Kushikatsu is deep fly of veggies, meats, seafoods, etc…

We eat with the special source as you can see the picture. The rule is “You can dip only one time. Do not re-dip.” Take a rest with cabbages to refresh your mouth.


One of the famous Chesecake




– PABLO Cheesecake

*PABLO is one of the famous cheesecake chop especially Kansai area (Namba, Umeda, Kobe etc..). The picture on your left is cooked with rare, the other is medium. You can choose one of the two. There is a seasonal menu as well. Should try it!!

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