Top Attractions and Restaurants in Kanagawa Prefecture

kanagawa hakone onsen

Anyone who simply goes to Japan for Tokyo or Kyoto will be missing a lot of distinctly Japanese cultural spots and sites that can only be discovered in the wondrous Kanagawa Prefecture. This place is not just known for the notable Great Wave off Kanagawa ukiyo-e painting, either. Because of the array of things to […]


Top Attractions and Restaurants in Gifu Prefecture

gifu gero onsen

Within reach of all the major cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, and Nagoya, Gifu Prefecture is a great location to visit for more than just the unlimited hot springs. The mountainous landscape is very tranquil, and a number of old Japanese houses lined the stone streets. Locals are proud to maintain Japanese customs and crafts here, […]


Top Attractions and Restaurants in Nagano Prefecture

nagano jigokudani monkey park

What do the vast Japanese Alps, steamy onsen, spiritual pilgrimages and awesome winter sports—including the 1998 Winter Olympics—all have in common? Nagano Prefecture! Travelers who love the outdoors and engaging in inspirational adventures beyond the city will find no end to the wonders Nagano has in store.   Places to Go Togakushi Village and surroundings […]


Top attractions and restaurants in Okinawa

okinawa churaumi aquarium

Okinawa is one of Japan’s best vacation sites—for both the Japanese and international tourists alike. The tropical waters make for oceanic adventures, and the historical locations throughout the islands are unique to Okinawa. Festivals and culture are abound wherever you go. Okinawans are always smiling and energetic, bringing sunshine to even cloudy days. No matter […]


Top Attractions and Restaurants in Gunma Prefecture

Gunma Onsen Resorts

Because of the mountainous landscape, Gunma-ken does not seem like the most exciting travel destination, but there is much more than meets the eye. And guide books. Gunma is known for two things: hiking and eccentricities. If you’re looking for a real life Twilight zone, head on over to Gunma Prefecture for some bizarre fun. […]


Top Attractions and Restaurants in Nara Prefecture

Nara Mizutani-chaya

Nara—the oldest Japanese capital. This is where modern Japanese civilization began. With a history like that, how can you pass up visiting Nara? What is great about the prefecture is that many of the must-see attractions are bundled together in the same vicinity. So whether you are going for a day or a week, you […]


Top Attractions and Restaurants of Chiba

train station at chiba prefecture

Chiba lies on the eastern outskirts of Tokyo, but it’s more than just the suburbs of the metropolitan region or the location of Narita International Airport.  Since you will most likely be accessing Tokyo from Narita, you might as well do some exploring while you’re at it! The prefecture and main city of the same […]


Hidden wonders of Wenthworth falls bush walking

waterfall with rainbow in wentworth falls

The best places are those you can discover on foot. To see the majesty of the historic town of Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains of Australia will give you stories to talk about for years. Beauty permeates from the natural setting of Blue Mountains National Park as well as the Victorian structures around the […]


Why You Should Travel to Australia

Sydney vivid light festival

When you hear of “the land down under,” you are bound to think of Australia. Though many people know only of Wallaby Lane in Sydney thanks to Finding Nemo and the Crocodile Hunter, Australia has much, much more. Repeatedly highly appraised by travelers and locals alike, Australia is a country of outdoor splendors, scrumptious multi-ethnic […]