Japan population by prefectures

Regions and Prefectures of Japan

Prefecture Kanji Capital Region Major Island Population Area Density  Aichi 愛知県 Nagoya Chūbu Honshu 7,484,094 5,172.4 1,446.9  Akita 秋田県 Akita Tōhoku Honshu 1,022,839 11,637.54 87.9  Aomori 青森県 Aomori Tōhoku Honshu 1,308,649 9,645.4 135.7  Chiba 千葉県 Chiba Kantō Honshu 6,224,027 5,157.64 1,206.8  Ehime 愛媛県 Matsuyama Shikoku Shikoku 1,385,840 5,676.1 244.2  Fukui 福井県 Fukui Chūbu Honshu 787,099 […]


Celebrate Summer Festival in Japan(夏祭り)


In Japan, it is the middle summer at the moment. Japanese people enjoy many actives such as Suikawari(スイカ割り), Firework(花火), Kakigoori(かき氷)and Matsuri(祭り)etc… Matsuri is one of the big event for Japanese people in Summer. Normally, we wear “Yukata”which is traditional clothes for Japanese, to go out with a boyfriend/girlfriend, family or friends.  What are differences from […]


Differences between Japanese and Australia


I traveled many countries in the world; China, The United States, Canada, Singapore, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Macao, Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand and Australia. Each countries has different cultures, foods, values, clothes and etc…I have been in Sydney, Australia for almost three months now. I would like to share what I find out the differences […]


Kyoto Explore – Temple, Shirine


If foreigners  ask Japanese ‘What’s your religion?’, most of them may answer, ‘We do not have any religion.’ However, there are many temples and shrines everywhere in Japan. Actually, we follow mainly Buddhism, or Shinto. (There is more different kinds of religion, but those two are top 3 biggest religions in Japan.) ‘What is the […]