Differences between Japanese and Australia


I traveled many countries in the world; China, The United States, Canada, Singapore, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Macao, Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand and Australia.

Each countries has different cultures, foods, values, clothes and etc…I have been in Sydney, Australia for almost three months now. I would like to share what I find out the differences between Australia and Japan. Please make sure these all are my personal perspectives.

1. Poeple


Australian – Most of Australian are very kind. Since many cultures are mixed here in Sydney, people try to help each other. Even though some people can’t speak English, they know how to make it easy to understand by, for example, speaking slowly, or use simple words, etc..

Japanese -This personality is similar with Japanese. If you get lost and
ask somebody the way in Japan, they would take you to your destination.

2. Work


Australian – is easygoing. I was surprised that they are having a birthday party during the office hours. Also, sometimes, they start for a drinking at the office on Friday afternoon.
At least you finish your own tasks, you can leave office on time. They prefer to spend with their own family after work.

Japanese – is hard worker. We have to follow the hierarchy. It is not very good circumstance as Australia to speak up your own opinion.
Most of the day, they work over time, they sometimes go for a drink with colleagues, then you have a chance to talk to your boss about what you cannot say at the office.

3. Lifestyle


Australia – At supermarket, you need take your items to the belt conveyor. They enjoy the conversation at the same time.
Paying in credit card is common.

Japanese – On the other hand, you put basket in the counter, a clerk will help to do everything for you. They try to do as fast as they can.
Paying in cash is common.

In my opinion, I like both of cultures, values, lifestyle, etc. It should not be the same in all over the world. I like traveling because I can learn varieties of perspective either bad side or good side of every countries.

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