Hidden wonders of Wenthworth falls bush walking

waterfall with rainbow in wentworth falls

The best places are those you can discover on foot. To see the majesty of the historic town of Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains of Australia will give you stories to talk about for years. Beauty permeates from the natural setting of Blue Mountains National Park as well as the Victorian structures around the […]


Visiting and feeding wallabies at Morisset

Wallabies at Morisset, NSW

Nestled amongst Watagan mountains and lakes, close to Newcastle, Central Coast, and Sydney lies Morisset. The residential area is more like a woodland resort, what with its lush eucalyptus forests, waterfalls, lakeside leisure activities and local wildlife. Australians venture to Morisset for a number of reasons, but one of the best might just be getting […]


Experience Vivid light festival in Sydney

Sydney vivid light festival

Sydney, Australia the most densely populated metropolis in Australia and Oceanic region. Surrounded by the beauty of the New South Wales landscape, the city seems to have just about everything within reach. From beaches to nightlife, Sydney is a city of light, sound and energy—and so it makes sense that one of the biggest illumination […]


Blowhole Kiama attraction

Blowhole Kiama Australia attraction

Along the rocky outcrops of Kiama in New South Wales, Australia, there is a natural phenomenon waiting to erupt. No, it’s not a volcano—it’s a blowhole. Located near the famous Kiama Lighthouse, Blowhole Point garners a lot of attention from tourists, nearly 600,000 annually. Though you might not always get to see the Kiama Blowhole […]


Wedding Cake Rock Royal National Park and Bundeena walk

Traveling through New South Wales, Australia offers up a lot of fun, outdoorsy activities for those who love nature and sunshine. There is truly more to do than what one might originally assume. Australians head to Royal National Park and the surrounding areas for the peace and tranquility. Tourists, on the other hand, find themselves […]